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The Rage Within

The Gods are dead.

They are all but forgotten. One of their kind remains who has sworn to un-make all that his enemies created; but he has lost the ability to wield his power alone. He needs the anger of a mortal to unleash the destruction he craves, and Kellan Aemoran is more angry than most.

Having witnessed the murder of his family by a cruel Empire, Kellan is cast out into the world to fend for himself. A presence more powerful than anything seen since the age of the Gods has taken root in his soul, and is feeding on his rage.

With a band of mercenaries led by ‘Scurrilous’ Blunt, and an unlikely guide, Kellan must face his enemies in a land thrown into chaos; those enemies within as well as without. But he is a danger to all those he loves, and to save the world he must find a way to do the impossible…

Kill an immortal.

A Song of Steel and Claw

‘Mortals prevailed where gods had failed and Abaddon was defeated, yet the triumphant chorus had lost its vigour in a land still shaken by the drums of war. As the dread legions released upon the world gathered in the shadows, mortals were forced to dance to a new song, with tones as sharp as a talon bared and chords as taut as a bowstring drawn; a song of steel and claw.’
-from The Book of Lives.

Abaddon has been defeated, but the terrible army he unleashed still prowls a land fractured by war. A new breed of warrior has risen from the rubble of the old empire to fight the menace: the Shar-hunter.
Valia is a battle-weary warrior with demons of her own, yet she and her allies must overcome the gathering shadows while rulers squabble amongst themselves.
For the enemy is changing, and the world is ill-prepared to face it.

Shattered Steel

While the Shar-hunters toast their victory in Ulan-Balsan, an Eastern prince brings news of a menace rising in his own homeland. The Shar have yet to be defeated after all, and there is much yet to be done to stop their spread.

But Valia grows weary of the futility of battle and has hopes of finding a new path. She must start by seeking a woman she learned of in the journal of Gerasim Illaros, in the hope that Fate allows her some peace at last.

Meanwhile Acastes faces up to a looming choice; one that could change his life forever and decide the fate of the entire continent. Yet there are those who would force his hand or else take his destiny from him as the lust for power proves too great for some.

Courage is tested and the bonds of friendship are strained as this epic struggle for survival and power unfolds.